Delusion: the film.

BB33 Brasserie


K. De Vos, Z. Patton, A. Comeau, S. Medrum

The film follows Kellen during a psychotic break and hospitalization where he faces his illness, seeks out support for recovery and his encounter with another patient facing the same diagnosis.
A charismatic, rebellious patient named Alex introduces Kellen to the harsh realities of life in the psychiatric ward. Their friendship plays a pivotal role in Kellen’s decision to embrace his illness and work towards his recovery through compliance and other therapeutic practices.
The film screening will be followed by a panel discussion by the team of youth professionals and persons with lived experience. In doing so, the panel will explore their experiences through a discussion of challenges, triumphs, and what the journey towards the completion of this film can illustrate for the audiences who experience it.
Through this discussion, the hope is that family members, clinicians, and individuals with lived experience can learn how to come together as an audience. In witnessing the true story of an individual experiencing psychosis, this presentation can be used as a bridging moment between family members, clinicians, and individuals with lived experience. Utilizing a creative outlet to bear witness to the hope, difficulties, and successes will assist in reducing the divide between family members, clinicians, and individuals with lived experience; with the intended goal of bringing groups together for a stronger partnership in recovery.

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