Basic Income and Psychosis: How Current Charity Models Impact Recovery in Mental Health.



A. Comeau

The presentation on Basic Income and psychosis recovery will utilize research and current events regarding Basic Income to explore merits of barrier reduction in psychosis recovery. In particular, the hope of this presentation is to have participants reflect on the current models of social assistance, to mobilize participation in Basic Income advocacy, and to bring an understanding on how stigma can impact individuals from recovery in mental health.

The content will be part presentation and part group discussion, with individuals having an opportunity to share their doubts and concerns regarding the Basic Income model. In doing so, it is the goal to help in “myth busting” ideas regarding Basic Income while also providing an environment to safely explore uncertainty. This will include a didactic portion of providing information (with visual aids) and a question and answer period to explore the topics listed in the Learning Objectives.

Overall, the goal of the presentation on Basic Income and psychosis recovery is to generate dialogue, ideas, and to explore potential paradigms shifts in how we support individuals who often face stigma during their mental health recovery. In exploring this shift, individuals may be poised to look at current systems of support in a different lens; while also furthering their compassion towards individuals recovering from mental health concerns.

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